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Being "fit" essentially means being able to perform well in a wide variety of physical exerting circumstances. For some people, it also
means being able to "fit" into their favorite clothes. Either way, if you find yourself running out of breath when doing simple things like
walking up a few stairs or playing catch, it's time to improve your physical condition.



                 Physically Fit

The word shape often makes people think of triangles, squares, or in some cases, Shape Magazine. Shape Magazine is often what comes to mind when mentioned to young women in their early twenties and thirties, who are interested in fitness, healthy eating, and learning proper training techniques to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), obesity rates in the United States continue to rise each year. Shape is trying to prevent people from becoming overweight, by giving tips and techniques on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The magazine offers many instructions that deal with health, nutrition, fitness, self development, style, beauty, and sports.
Throughout every issue of Shape there are many sections; Get Fit is my personal favorite. It has everything a woman could want when trying to get in shape or stay in shape. This section has fitness news, motivational stories from real readers, weight loss diaries and workout routines for at home or the gym. In the February 2010 issue it provides the reader with multiple yoga moves explaining in detail how to correctly do each exercise, which body parts the specific move will tone, along with photos.   For example, the move Warrior II,   lets the reader know that it will tone your legs, butt, and arms.   To correctly do this exercise you should “lunge forward with right leg and turn left toes out about 45 degrees, keeping left leg straight. Extend arms out to the sides at shoulder height, right arm over front left and left arm over back leg; try to keep hips open.   Extend fingers, pull shoulders down, and look forward. Hold for 4 deep breaths, then switch legs, lunging forward with left leg, repeat,” (“Shape” 122.) The article describes and goes in to extreme detail with letting the reader understand exactly how to correctly do the move.   In this section they also provide a workout plan for the treadmill, getting the runner to burn calories.




Satiate the sweet tooth. Eat fruit. The healthiest sugar is found in fresh fruit, with high fructose content, which satisfy and stabilize the sugar levels in the blood. Moreover, fruit come with vitamins and minerals.




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